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Diamond Resorts International

Diamond Timeshare Vacations

  Diamond Resorts International is a collection of many resorts and all of their resorts are either managed or affiliated with Diamond Resorts. Diamond Resorts International has 50+ managed resorts and 100+ affiliated resorts with The Club.  

  Diamond resorts ownership is either based on a fixed/floating week or a points system depending on where you own and if you want to be part of the points club or if you want to keep your fixed or floating week at your home resort. Should you choose to keep your fixed/floating week at your home resort, you can also still exchange through RCI or II depending on your resort to go to other locations based on availability. If you own on the points system you use your points each year through The Club to reserve your week each year at any of their collection of resorts without exchange fees, but still based on availability. The amount of points you use depends on the size unit you want, the time of year you want to go, and the resort you are choosing to go to, the more in demand the resort, the more points it will take to get what you want at that resort. 

  Diamond Resorts International has many resorts, they are located all over the U.S. and also located in United Kingdom, Spain, Malta, Portugal, France, Italy, Ireland, Austria, and the Netherlands Antilles, St. Maarten.

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United States

Arizona (5) Hawaii (2) Nevada (3) Tennessee (1)
California (2) Missouri (1) New Mexico (1) Virginia (2)
Florida (3)

Austria (1) Ireland (3) Malta (1) Scotland (1)
England (6) Italy (1) Portugal (1) Spain (16)
France (4)

St. Maarten (3)


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